Generally considered the best booth for auto refinishers, due to the airflow path from ceiling to floor is relatively short and the flow is more consistent. Intake air is ducted from outside of the building and passes thru a fine filter media on the ceiling of the booth. Exhaust air passes through floor filters to be vented to the atmosphere.

In more built-up areas activated charcoal filters are used to further reduce emissions.

All configurations of booths are available, gas direct and indirect, or indirect fired diesel heating systems.

Sizes range from 3.6meters to our latest installation at 20 meters.

The semi downdraft booth has front roof intake air plenum, and solid entrance doors. Fresh air enters the booth from outside the building, ducted through the roof intake filters, and is drawn towards the rear exhaust wall of the booth where it is readily exhausted through filter media.

Gas heating can be added to this unit allowing control heating while spaying as well as the opportunity to bake at high temperature 65 deg plus.

This equipment includes a full roof intake filter bank, sidewall exhaust plenums, and exhaust fans. An intake air plenum and fresh air make-up fan is included, or the option to add an engineered heated air system is available. Drive thru system is available on this model

Both systems do not require concrete work.

These are the most popular spray booths, due to the fact that they offer very good value and performance. They are available fully installed or as supply only, in kit form.

Open-faced spray booths are one of the simplest forms of spray booths. However, even simple machines can benefit from clever technical design.

Years of experience in design and construction of open-faced booths have shaped our design philosophy. They are manufactured in Insulated thermal panel, thickness varies from 50mm to 100mm depending on the overall size.

Full Down Draft Booth