Filters are probably THE most important part of ANY paint spray booth.

There is a lot to know about filtration that the average person or even the average filter distributor doesn't know.

First and foremost a filter must simply be able to do two (2) things in order to be effective. One is to be able to CAPTURE and the second is to be able to HOLD Contaminants.

If the filter now being used cannot do these two simple tasks then they are allowing contaminants to pass on onto the painted surface and or in the exhaust chamber, fan stack and into the atmosphere. This is the leading reason that your neighbors know when you are painting. This is also how cars in the parking lot get "painted".


Cheap exhaust filters that don't work can end up costing you a lot of money. Good and effective filters that don't fit well into their frames or track allow contaminated air to "by-pass" them through the spaces left by poor fit. Either way you are NOT CAPTURING and HOLDING the over spray as required.

This over spray that is allowed to pass on to the inside of the exhaust chamber, fan and stack will accumulate on these surfaces and reduce exhaust fan efficiency.

Advanced multi stage filtration methods that satisfy the modern operations of high environmental targets and equipment life spans.


By utilizing all these particle suppression methods, discharge can be reduced to levels not typically seen in the industry.

With low levels of particulates entering the exhaust system, contamination of motors , fans and ducting is reduced.

Thus reducing the need for cleaning, chances of equipment failure and fire hazard.